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Coilover For Armada?

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I'm going to be helping a friend replace his OEM coilovers (170K!!) on his Armada. We're going to go with the Bilstein 5100's (at stock height). What else is needed? I'm considering having him buy a new coil also so we can assemble it ahead of time. If we buy a Bilstein shock and Moog coil are there are any other supplies needed, assuming we don't plan to reuse any parts off of the OEM coilover?

I did SAW coilovers on my '07 Titan. Those came as a fully assembled set so I didn't have to dismount anything from the old coilovers.
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I don’t remember exactly, but look up the Bilstein install instructions.

I think there was a couple of nuts reused from the original strut assembly when I did mine, per the instructions.

From what I remember, other than that all the parts for the Bilsteins came with them (minus the spring of course).

There is a thread on here somewhere “5100 Install and Tips” or something like that. Very helpful info. Provides clarification on a couple of the instructions from Bilstein as well.
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