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Color Changing halo headlights - Custom Built by me

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Time for something new so I'm letting my build go.
-They change to any color on the color wheel
-The kits from LED Concepts so it has their lifetime warranty
-Has 20 preset functions plus music strobe and option to make your own functions
-The resisters/driver boxes are external so the LEDs dont blow/fail.
-These are set up for bluetooth so they work off your phone. You can buy the standard controller for LED Concepts later if you want.

If you want to see more pics or videos of them in action go to my instagram page - @kjordy15


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No projectors????
Everyone who ive asked on here says that they dont do led concepts because their kit for the titan doesnt fit right? Seems like your fit okay. do you know what their talking about?

Also I like the side reflector. Did you just paint the reflector and add vinyl?
It's all in what you prefer. Some people dont like that the highbeam ring is a couple milimeters above the highbeam area, it doesn't bother me, in fact it made the build a little more flush as far as wiring. Also some dont like that the high beam ring actually fits inside the highbeam circular part of the headlight housing, I do, I think its a cleaner look and makes wiring easier. And yeah, I painted the housings with highgrade paint mixed with hardener and had a buddy of mine make the vinyl decals to go on the reflectors.
$515. Theyre $825 for the same kit from oracle but without painted housing or vinyl
Bump. These are $825 thru oracle for a base kit, just trying to get what I paid out of them. $500
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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