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Coming from iraq and got Titan on my mind but Please Help me.

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I have been deployed :gunz: for 15 months and I have saved for me a full size truck. I was headed for a F150 until my wife and sister in law stopped me and told me about a good deal. My sister in law works at the nissan plant and she told me that she will let me use her employee voucher to get me a truck. So I have decided to get one of this lovely trucks but I am caught in a hard situation now and maybe some of u can help me out. Okay because she get it for less then invoice price and the great rebates that are on now of 5000 dollars. I am wondering would it be better for me just buy a basic LE model since it has everything on it already buy a SE which is less but add the features that I want on it? I know if I get the LE then I will have fog lights and the works but if i get the le i would start spending money to make it look like a LE so please someone give me some good advice on this subject! Please i am thanking u all in advance:haveredfl !
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I had the same question between the LE and SE models. When I added the bed liner/utilitrack option, the tow package, and a few other odds and ends, on the SE, the LE was about $1000-$1500 more than the SE. In real numbers that was the difference of about $10.00 a month in payment or 30 cents a day. That was with an 07. Your best bet is to head out to to build and price a number of models and option groups and see how the money works out. Personally, I went with LE as I don't care for cloth seats.
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