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Common sources of annoying sub vibration & rattle?

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When my sub is really moving, it is causing something to vibrate and kinda rattle, seemingly coming from the back of the cab (crew cab).

Before I go digging into it and trying to find it, I'm assuming some of use have experienced this as well? Are there certain areas or objects I should check first?

(just thought I'd ask before searching all over to try to find what is making those annoying noises).

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My son's upper console on the roof around the DVD monitor is the culprit....
Yeah the roof-mounted DVD console was the source of a really annoying squeak due to a clip that wouldn't seat all the way into the metal. That took quite a while to find!

But the vibrations/rattles are a different deal. And yeah I'm sue I should sound deaden, but man I don't have the time to rip out all my interior and do hard to justify the time.
The rear seat belt holders on the sides of my crew cab rattle intensely from my subs. Also, the panel under my rear glass, and of course, ANYTHING that happens to have been left in the door pockets by my children. The over head storage does it as well, and the dash where it meets the windshield, just to each side of the center defrost vent. I've also got some under the dash rattles(pro'ly vent ducting). Yes, I know, time for some deadening, but that will come when I have the money for the rest of what I want.......
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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