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Complete Truck Computer

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Alright, so I've decided yet again to completely redo my stereo, and this time the computer has to go, so I though I would start here.
Its a complete system ready to go. Askin $850 shipped
512mb Ram
Combo Optical Drive
40gb Hard Drive
Windows XP Home
Custom Nissan Startup Screen
Nismo Frodoplayer Skin
M1 ATX Power supply
Xenarc TSV 7" Touch Screen w/mount ready to go for TITANS
Loaded with music and videos
Choice of Delorme Street atlas or MS Streets and Trips
USB GPS receiver

Any Questions just ask
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ok, so back up from page 10

I'll go with $750 for the computer w/screen&GPS
or $825 for the computer w/screen&GPS and Alpine 9857 with remote wired faceplate.

I have pictures, but the camera is at home, and I'm still at work. So I'll try and add some tomorrow.

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having any luck with those pictures? Would love to see some. Thanks!
same here...
Does this computer do anything that the built in information center doesn't already do?
ok, I got some pictures up, I'll try and still get some more tomorrow. If there is anything specific you would like to see just let me know. As far as your question Johng, this is more of a media computer, and not a computer that controls the truck. It plays videos, dvd, does navigation. Things like that. I'll try and get pictures of the whole setup with the headunit, but my truck in kinda dirty, and would like to clean abit before I get those.

I like the pics so far, but can you still recieve radio? Local/Satelite?
Where did you get the setup to begin with? I may want to get something like that. I think I would like one for the kiddies in the back for playing divx/xvid movies on long trips.
You can get radio, or XM. But the radio reception still kinda sucks. I own a computer store and build these, but I want to try something different, so thats why I'm selling this one. I had a post a long time ago with the original info. Normally I sell these for $1375-$1500 Depending on the install. Also if you want a bigger hard drive, just let me know and I can adjust the price accordingly. Another option is I have a brand new Motherboard, with a PCMCIA slot (which this one doesn't have)
how much would it be to add Sat radio to this existing set up you are selling?
looks like it would be about an extra $100 to add XM to this computer system.
Would ya mind putting up pictures of the computer and power supply?
sure I'll try and get some more when it warms up, it was 7 degrees last night. But the power supply is inside the case, not really a whole lot to see.
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