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Component Suggestions...

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I looked but found a lot of people recommending the Infinity References. I've had these before and the highs are just too bright for me. I'm not looking to go crazy so the price needs to stay under $200.

I'll have a 4-channel Alpine MRP F-450 powering these and some Alpine Type R coaxials in the rear doors.

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You finally going to do some upgrading?

I always suggest 6.5" comps over 6x9's they almost always sound better and there are more options.

Lets roll on this... whats your budget!? Isnt your wife a doctor???.... haha
konigfritz said:
T! what up? so you got any leftovers you want to send my way?
Nope not right now.... Are you going to OT?

I use CDT but James has a killer deal on a Boston set right now...
Cool.... well at OT you should be able to hear a lot of different systems and see what you like best....
1 - 3 of 36 Posts
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