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Hello everyone,

After a lot of forum reading, here is what I have concluded regarding mods for a 06 4x4 SE Crew Cab.

Basically, it boils down to the fact that a stock Titan w/ Big tow package is pretty much almost set to do the best job. The following mods add value when towing and are worth the investment:

- Get a brake controller

- Get an equalizer hitch

- Get the 2% timing advance

- Do the DIY air box mod

- Get an Amsoil air filter

- Add BD GT for power/torque boost and run 91 octane gas when towing

- Add RAS system (cheaper than Airbags) for sagging and better ride when loaded. Somewhat questionable in my mind if you have an equalizer hitch properly setup. This may however also help w/ the bed of my truck being all over the place when going offroad so I will probably do it.

The stuff that I am discarding due to my reading and limited added value for towing is:

- CAI (Considered Air Raid)

- CAT system (Considered Gibson)

- Bigger tranny and diff pans. I currently have an unresolved tranny overheating concern that I don't want to put a band-aid on w/ these solutions, however, this could be worth doing down the road to protect things in the hot Arizona summers.

I would be interested in any suggestions regarding tranny fluids that run cooler than Nissan fluids. I would like to try these before trying bigger pans.

If anyone has any other suggestions, I would appreciate the feedback.


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Amsoil makes quality products. Check it out for the tranny.

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I have a 2010 CC Pro-4X (w/tow) and the following setup:

- Prodigy Brake controller
- WD hitch
- RAS (heavy-duty version)
- Superchips Cortex (w/2 degree adv)
- Amsoil air-filter
- Amsoil 0w-30 Signature Series motor oil
- Hastings HD oil-filter
- Amsoil Severe Duty front/rear gear lube
- Amsoil ATF in transmission and transfer case
- DIY Airbox mod

I pull an 8500+ lb (total load) travel-trailer, in summer, in WV (if you've never been here... let's just say we have some serious mountains to pull) at 70 mph down the interstate and have NO problems. Trans has never gotten over 2/3 of heat-gauge on me, truck has never struggled, and pulls like a dream. We used to pull it with my old-man's F250 and the Titan puts that truck (and my Uncles Ram Hemi 1500) to shame regularly.

Based on my experiences, I would say your summary is accurate.

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