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Condensation in my new headlights

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I hope you all aren't tired of me whining about the condensation in my I had it in my OEM passenger light, I just installed Depos and after 2 days they fogged up some but it went away the next day and hasn't been back. I spoke to a tech that works at a stereo/tint/lighting/rims n tires etc place and he said someone had recently installed aftermarket headlights in their Mustang and they fogged up quickly after the install, cleared up and never was an issue again. Any of you guys hear or experience anything like that? I doubled up on the O rings around the LED bulbs to tighten up the fit as some were snug and some were not. I do have headlights coming probably tomorrow that the company sent me no questions asked. I'm thinking of hanging on to them for a few weeks and seeing if the problem comes back before sending them back.
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haha that'd be just my luck! I've already thought about it...fingers crossed!
Thanks guys, I'd hate to have to pull them out again...but I'll do what I have to do. Like I said, it hasn't come back. Yet...
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