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Confirmed vacuum in axle, is the vent the problem with leaks?

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Due to several comments by different members about the axle vent being a problem and possible cause of axle leaks, I decided to pop my cap off and see how it was made. To my surprise a nice vacuum had formed and was still present after 6 hours of sitting. Almost a second of sucking air in when I remove the top cap. Remember, I had only drove the truck at modest speeds a few miles 6 hours earlier. What would happen after a good tow or long high speed drive?

No way can this be good for the seals, I see my wife's 04 pathfinder (old style pathy) has the same vent cap, but they don't seem to have problems.

Can this be part of the problem? Any draw backs to the vent mod? :dunno:

Thanks in advance!
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I was just at my dealer asking about possible problems that I had read here on TitanTalk. He mentioned right away that the rear axle vent is junk and that he always makes sure it is loose and free of dirt when he does services on these trucks. He hates doing rear axle seals so he says he prevents seal leakage by checking the vent.

The vent can be plugged due to road dust/dirt from normal everyday driving. He advised me to pop off the cap and run tubing/hosing up from the vent to the frame or even zip tie it to the frame then push it into one of the many small hole in the frame. This is how the GM/Ford/Dodge trucks are set-up and they don't have this problem.

Hope this helps.
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