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I brought my Titan in to my regular garage because there was some squealing when i turned the wheels at a low speed. Also, the suspension had been getting worse and worse. It felt like a problem with the power steering and I expected a recommendation on new struts/shocks.

The quote I got back from was higher than I had hope and before I spent the cash, I thought it might be worth getting a 2nd opinion. I've been to this second garage before and been happy with the service.

The problem is these quotes look vastly different to me.

Garage 1:
- Replace Power Steering Rack Assembly
- Replace Left Front CV Axle Assembly

Garage 2:
- Shock/Strut Assembly R&I or R&R
- Lower Ball Joint
- Quick Struty Assembly
- OESpectrum Truck Shock
- Ball Joint R&R
- Front Sway Bar Link Kit
- Stabilizer Bar Control Link
- Axle Shaft Assembly R&I or R&R
- Axle Shaft Joint R&R Front Axle Each, Carrier Type, 4WD
- CV Boot

Garage 1 seems to have missed the suspension issue and garage 2 didn't notice any problem with the power steering.

Are there overlap in these quotes (it looks like just the CV) or are they wildly different?
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