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confused about exhaust

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Ok ive spent hours reading diffrent threads trying to come up with the solution thats makes the most scence but i cant. (im a nubie). ok so my ? is i have a 07 4x4 CC titan, with the 2 in sigle out exhaust system(obvously). How will a cat back system give my more power over me just adding nice high flow after market muffler?
Whats confusing to me is im reading diffrent threads saying using bigger pipes isnt always better, the 07-08 exhaust system is fine the way it is, and all that stuff. then there is the people who say you have to do catback to notice any power gains. im looking for a good set up to give me the most power, and im not really all about the sound, just looking for that extra torque while pulling my trailer up the mountains. so anybody who can clear this up for me it would be greatly appricated.
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I realy dont know if i can help you or not,maybe i need help?I have an 07 and put the 18'' magnaflow muffler swap on.After putting the Stillen Headers on i find my self putting the JBA cat back exhaust on.I'm trying to get all the power i can out of this truck and maybe be one of the first to go sub 13 in the 1/4 mile being N/A. Good luck to you.
This is how it was explained to me by Mark one of the smartest guy i have found on titans and speed.

Who is going true duals? None of the fastest Titans' run true duals....have any time slips? Dual 2.25'' = yay...dual 2.5's =! On a Titan anyway! All depends on the pipe size...

Back pressure is not good....But don't think of pipe size as back pressure.....each motor needs the correct amount of velocity in the pipe to compliment it's Tq peak or overall powerband, that's where proper pipe size comes in. ...dual 2.25'' or single 3'' pipe is a perfect match for the Titan's powerband. If your motor made most if it's power at 6-7k rpm dual 2.5'' would be something to think about, but that's not the case with your ride. What you want to focus on is the ability of the exhaust to scavenge cylinders @ the rpm where ur motor makes the most overall power.That ability is enhanced by increasing or decreasing - yes, decreasing - the diameter of the exhaust tube. Pay no attention to what the higher revving GM motors are doing exhaust wise, diff type of motor. A properly tuned exhaust will litterly suck the exhaust out of the cylinder when the exhaust valve opens increasing a vacume in the cylinder, but only with the correct amount of velocity. That increase in the cylinder vacume will actually draw more intake charge into the cylinder thereby increasing HP and torque. More fuel/air in the cylinder, more power. Dual 2.5'' pipe cools/slows the exhaust gas to much and actually doesn't flow as good or aid in scavenging at lower rpm where a Titan makes most of it's power. anything more than a single 3'' is pretty much a waste of low end on a 400Hp small block unless she rev'ed to 7 grand. Think of backpressure as obstructions like baffled mufflers, cats, or anything that can actually slow the exhaust gas, smaller pipe speeds up velocity...The dual 2.5's I put on my Titan really killed by bottom end to the effect of .25 sec in the 1/4 mile just felt like I was makin a bunch of noise but no going anywhere...Bigger is not always better....just not what the ladies say...LOL!
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