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confused about exhaust

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Ok ive spent hours reading diffrent threads trying to come up with the solution thats makes the most scence but i cant. (im a nubie). ok so my ? is i have a 07 4x4 CC titan, with the 2 in sigle out exhaust system(obvously). How will a cat back system give my more power over me just adding nice high flow after market muffler?
Whats confusing to me is im reading diffrent threads saying using bigger pipes isnt always better, the 07-08 exhaust system is fine the way it is, and all that stuff. then there is the people who say you have to do catback to notice any power gains. im looking for a good set up to give me the most power, and im not really all about the sound, just looking for that extra torque while pulling my trailer up the mountains. so anybody who can clear this up for me it would be greatly appricated.
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grnTitan04 said:
Just my opinion, but to get any appreciable power increase, I think you are going to have to change the front and the back. (get an intake).
yes the aem is going on monday, i just have friends telling my if i open up the air flow in the front i need to do the same using a cat back system in the rear.
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