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confused after lift install

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Just installed a full 3'' lift in my 05. Did everything according to instructions and now my 4wd wont work and I seem to have some binding in the front end sometimes. Could someone point me in the right direction please. ALso the slip and abs light are on also. installed all new parts with the lift including wheel bearings and end links.

thanks guys

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i had a long response typed up but then i saw you did a 3" block in the rear. lol

post pics of the setup so we can see whats wrong.
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check all your abs plugs. on the spindle, and on the frame. also check the rears. if you did in fact put a 3" block in the back (which sounds stupid if you are just running a leveling kit up front) you should've bought a bracket to extend your brake lines and maybe your abs wires.
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