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I have a 2013 SV with factory tow hitch, tow mode, backup/hitch camera. I've always been led to believe that it had a tow rating of 9300lbs. I just noticed the door sticker says 7100lbs. I checked the rear end and I has 2.94 gears. I'm supposed to be going in 3 days to purchase and pick up a travel trailer that weighs 6,521lbs with a hitch weight of 675lbs. Am I up the creek? And if so how far? I can still back out of I need to. I'm just not wanting to take this on a 600 mile trek to see the wife's family with her and my kids in the truck if it isn't safe. I'd really appreciate any help, advice, or words of wisdom.

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If you're up for it, swap the gears to the 3.36. You might lose your cruise control, but the gears are what makes the difference in the two towing capacities.
If your sticker says you're on the little gears, and you're turning 2k at 70, you're likely in 4th gear. Either that or you're reading your MPH off of something other than your truck's speedo. The transmission is the same across the board so there's only one thing that determines what RPMs you turn at 70 and that's the rear diff ratio. Tire size has no bearing on it.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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