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I have a 2013 SV with factory tow hitch, tow mode, backup/hitch camera. I've always been led to believe that it had a tow rating of 9300lbs. I just noticed the door sticker says 7100lbs. I checked the rear end and I has 2.94 gears. I'm supposed to be going in 3 days to purchase and pick up a travel trailer that weighs 6,521lbs with a hitch weight of 675lbs. Am I up the creek? And if so how far? I can still back out of I need to. I'm just not wanting to take this on a 600 mile trek to see the wife's family with her and my kids in the truck if it isn't safe. I'd really appreciate any help, advice, or words of wisdom.

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I have a grey wolf 23dbh its 5400 empty had almost want you want minus the love seat. Nice camper for the price.
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