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Cool Idea...

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I think somebody should fab up an sts twin turbo rear mount kit on a titan.. I think it would be bad a** and prolly a lot easier to do than a regular turbo kit.... Just a thought. What u guys think???
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I had the literature for these.. it's a lot of tubing. I don't know that much about remote turbos though. the only turbos i've serviced and are familiar with are those found on 300 cummins motors used in 18 wheelers.

I remember reading a thread where a guy was putting a single turbo in a similar location to the sts version, but he stopped the project for some reason.

it would be interesting to see to say the least

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Yea go to and check out the performance and info that they got out of a dodge.. Its pretty impressive. Its expensive, but they got 417 at the wheels with a dodge.... So just imagine what could happen with our beasts.....
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