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Cooling is Coming- Mishimoto's Nissan Titan XD Intercooler

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Part 1: Stock Evaluation

We have been working on the Titan XD for quite some time now. We have gone through a variety of products like the intercooler pipe kit, coolant filtration kit, and exhaust. Now we are down to the bread and butter of our Titan XD parts: the intercooler.

When we begin projects, we like to start by evaluating the stock component and looking for areas where we can make improvements. The stock intercooler in the Titan is fairly sizeable and features cast aluminum end tanks, which we don’t normally see on stock intercoolers. Still, we see a few areas for improvement that we can address with our intercooler design.

Stock Nissan Titan XD intercooler

Stock Nissan Titan XD intercooler end tank

Stock Nissan Titan XD intercooler end tank

After having a look at the stock unit, we began work on our upgrade. The first step was to take some measurement with our CMM (coordinate measuring machine). This would give us data points to use for important things from the stock cooler like mounting points that must be retained on the Mishimoto version. For example, our intercooler should feature brackets that hold rubber bushings as seen in the photos above. By retaining as much of the stock bracketry and mounting points as possible, we can make installing this improved intercooler much easier.

Measuring the stock Titan XD Intercooler

From there, our engineer could design the intercooler in Solidworks utilizing the stock Titan XD mounting points. Once the design was finalized, a prototype for test fitment could be made. With the help of our 3D printers, we created end tanks for the prototype and fabricated a rough outline of the core size to test-fit on our resident Titan XD.

Mishimoto’s Titan XD intercooler prototype

Mishimoto’s Titan XD intercooler prototype

Mishimoto’s Titan XD intercooler prototype

Mishimoto’s Titan XD intercooler prototype installed

This early prototype is on the car and, with a few minor adjustments, fit perfectly. Great news for the progress of this project! We can now move on to a functional aluminum prototype. Although some will be sad to see these brightly-colored end tanks go, we are excited to see the final product.

Next Time

Now that we are sure of fitment, we will create an aluminum prototype for additional testing. Let us know what you think of the project so far, and stay tuned for photos of our completed prototype.

Thanks for reading!
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What other changes have been incorporated? It looks like larger hoses, and maybe a bit thicker than stock... Any other upgrades you want to mention here?
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