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Corrosion protection

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Is a product like Krown Rust Control approved by Nissan? Anyone get their truck sprayed? I had my Ford done with Corosion Free. It was ok but it did swell up a few of the rubber moldings.
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You should be asking this of a Nissan Dealership or go straight to Nissan on line and contact them that way. Years ago, almost every manufacturer came out with language that basically ended their endorsement of undercoat products....even those that dealerships were selling as up-sells to a new car sale. Most stated that it would void any manufacturer corrosion warranty. This was due to changes in the material coatings, including plating and paint systems, used in the processing of metals for body panels and under carriage parts done during manufacturing.

Here's a business story on the subject. Five Costly Car Dealer Options to Skip | Fox Business

Even if they say it's OK, skip the marketing and find some straight info on whether it's proven to deliver on the promise, by third party evaluations, to actually provide any benefit. Krown is a Canadian operation, but in the US, Zeibart still does rust proofing, but not very much of it due to all the bad reports about how it damaged the rust control provided by the manufacturers.
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