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Corrosion protection

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Is a product like Krown Rust Control approved by Nissan? Anyone get their truck sprayed? I had my Ford done with Corosion Free. It was ok but it did swell up a few of the rubber moldings.
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Kinda like a Bidet for your truck !
My frame looked gorgeous when I bought my truck (no aftermarket protection at all), ...still does... but, the hitch(an aftermarket u-haul hitch), totally rusted...looked like an old farm implement buried in the dirt for years... to the point where I just replaced it... couldn't believe the two were on the same truck.

I swear the PO owned a boat... a salt water boat. My bumper is ok though.

Although.. now that I think of it... one of the nuts on a brace was quite loose... wonder if they replaced it... hmmm..especially with the way the e-brake stuff looked when i got it..
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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