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Corrosion protection

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Is a product like Krown Rust Control approved by Nissan? Anyone get their truck sprayed? I had my Ford done with Corosion Free. It was ok but it did swell up a few of the rubber moldings.
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After 10 years my frame looks very good. But I do get it washed frequently at a car wash that has a "bottom blaster" feature.
Maybe I missed something... as factory built, or with aftermarket "protection" added? Thanks.
Yeah a little context would help, eh? OEM on the frame. No supplemental protection. But I will point out that the finish on the hitch - the entire thing - and the back side of the bumper aren't looking too good. I use Rustoleum Rust Remover on the hitch and then hit it with some bed liner.
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The next truck I get I'm going to apply bed liner to all the forward facing surfaces on the underbody. All the road debris really takes a toll on any finish.
On the Ford forum there are a good number of Raptor owners that are switching to Superduty trucks. Apparently they liked the 6.2L gas engine in past versions but don't think much of the eco-boost in the Raptor. Chris has the eco-boost and seems quite pleased. But these guys aren't your normal truck owners. One of them had a Rousch Raptor. Oh, they're switch to the 6.7L diesel. That seems like a strange change.
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