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Could Recent Add-Ons cause Battery Drain

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My Titan battery dies after the truck is left to sit for three days. This problem started a few months ago. I replaced the battery, but the problem persists.

I recently added a Tailgate light bar that plugs into my tow-light harness and splices into one of the tail lights. I also installed OEM fog-lights and the accompanying control stem that replaces the one that came with the truck.

Before that, I installed an Amplifier and a 820 Pioneer Stereo. However, I didn't have any problems with the truck until a few months ago, I installed the stereo over a year ago. I heard rumors that the 820 causes battery drain if not turned off before you shut down the car, but again, I didn't have any problems initially.

Is it possible the stereo amp, or stereo started causing problems afterward? The amp is turned on remotely by the stereo, but is wired directly to the battery. Is it possible the light bar or fog lights could be causing the problems?

I took the truck to a shade tree mechanic and he said the car wasn't drawing too many amps while turned off, but I'm not sure he was full competent with this type of problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks...
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Here's a great step-by-step on figuring this out. I suspect it's either one of the new adds or the amp/stereo. But it could just be a short. There is also the off chance it could be a dead cell in the battery, so you should consider having that tested, as well.

How to Find and Stop Car Battery Drains ? DIY Car Battery Drain
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If you've seen the article already, you have the first step in what you need to do. If you have a parasitic draw, it will show up in that test. Did you perform that test?

If you don't have a parasitic draw, you need to check the battery immediately upon shutting down the truck, a couple of hours later, and first thing the next morning. This will tell you if your system is keeping the battery at optimum or just "barely" (maybe you have an alternator dying?) or if it's fully charged and discharging over a couple of hours or overnight.

You either have a draw or you have a dead cell, or there is the off chance you have a mild charging issue. There's just not much else it could be. Once you determine which it is (and I'm betting it's a parasite), you either replace the battery (warranty!) or you find the parasite. It's not fun, and it's not sexy, but it is what works. There's no miracle cure here.
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