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The P3s only go down to 45hz for the low, that sucks. you want closer to 30. Look at sensativity levels also. The RFs are normaly 170ish dollars. Thats way too much for what those are. I would say none of those setups. Alpine type r go low, and so do kicker comp VRs.

When looking at subs look at the low frequency level. if its only 45, most mids can do that well, there just small so they dont move the air. The high is worthless, you will have the crossover cut out between 60 and 80 hz so it doesnt need to be any higher than that.

Not sure why you would need a toggle switch. All a switch does is connect the 2 wires, in theory. Maybe there is a reason you would need to have it disconnected. I always hear good things about JL subs too, but i havent ever had any.
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