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08 Titan Crew Cab Long Bed
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My first and last purchase from this dealership. I purchased a body panel to fix on my newly acquired Titan along with some other parts. The panel purchased showed up with red tape showing dents in the panel, not to mention it had further damage from a poor prepared shipping box. Ok so these things happen, and time is money. I call them up and tell them what is going on. They ask for pictures… sure, no problem. I get a response that they are all like this. I didn’t think this was common practice to send out parts that was clearly returned in the first place. Given that I buy and sell car parts for a living. I didn’t want to return the item, I was asking for a small discount for the damage part. Seems we have both lost in this sad situation. I will take my purchases elsewhere.
Its your choice to purchase your parts. Personal this seems so little that they would want to win for future purchases. There are many other places that are much easier and nicer to deal with. Just thought i would mention this, as I just began my Titan experience.


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