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Cowl Molding Issue

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Hello Guys and Gals,

I am hoping you guys will be able to view this photo but the molding piece above the Cowl that goes between the Cowl and the Glass of the Windshield? Its just coming off. WTF? Never seen this happen. I try to push it back in and it just pops back off, any ideas? I am hoping I dont have to take the whole Cowl off to fix this what a PITA.

I am thinking of taking it back to Nissan since its still under warranty, but usually cosmetic stuff like this they dont cover, or do only for the first 12 months.

Really need to figure out a way for me to post photos here crap. Its not going through...but the molding is just peeling up on its own.


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Thread moved to 2nd gen section, adding a picture would really help the discussion.
The Truck is a 1G truck its a 2015, and what app do you recommend to use to post photos?

Thank You..

1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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