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Cracked Exhaust Manifolds

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I noticed a bad exhaust leak one day and had suspected my connector gaskets from the Banks exhaust as they had previously cracked. Further inspection lead me to suspect the manifolds. My truck has a little over 49000 miles and was amazed that this is the problem. Anyway, called my local Nissan dealer here in Buena Park, CA and spoke with Jim Clarke. My other problem was a dead battery which they had replaced under warranty as it was replaced back in April. Upon inspection by the mechanic, not only was the passenger side cracked, but the driver side as well! Dealer has the parts in stock and will be repaired under warranty. I'll be taken it back in next Wed. for the work. He had mentioned that this can be possibly related to the brake judder issue as I did get my brakes replaced back in 2005. Kudos to Jim.... Great job!:cheers:
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UPDATE: Dropped the truck off for repairs on Wednesday and got it back that night. Great job to those at Buena Park Nissan. They have a CD changer on order as well as a missing door speaker. All is covered by Nissan! Can't think Jim enough.... Great customer service! :cheers:
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