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Cracks in rain gutters on roof

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So I've had some problems With water leaking in the back of the cab and I've narrowed it down to the rain gutters and I'm just curious on how to go about fixing it myself. I thought it would have been covered under warranty since it's a seam that's leaking but the dealer here is horrible. They want 500 just to pull the headliner to see if it's for sure leaking there and then are saying they won't cover any of it since there's not an actual seal there. Any ideas on how to seal it myself? It could be the rivets leaking but there's a pretty good sized crack there.
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Looks like a corrosion problem? What's your model year? The Nissan corrosion warranty is 60 months, unlimited miles, at least for my 2014.

I would escalate the issue to Nissan USA. Send them the photos. They should help with the reluctant dealer, if you are still within the warranty period.

Good luck.
The worrisome thing is that it looks like there may be corrosion under the paint and in the seam. You can stop the leak with silicone, but that's not a fix for the underlying cause, if it is corroding. Fix would involve some body work, in that case - which I would be pushing Nissan for, very hard (not that you aren't doing that, of course).

Too bad you are having a bad experience. I had a 2010 Frontier that I bought in upstate NY, when I was home-based there. It was a great, solid truck, which I traded in 2014 for the Titan. Really minor issues with the Titan to date.

Both dealers were great also (I shopped for the dealer as much as the vehicle, and it seems to have paid off). Service department in the McKinney, TX dealer I go to for warranty stuff has been great. Many aren't, based on the reports in this forum. You may want to go to another dealer for the warranty stuff - you don't have to go to the one you bought the truck from, of course. Any dealer will gladly service your truck, and work warranty issues for you, if they have their heads screwed on right...

Good luck!
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