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cragar soft 8 wheels.

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Im getting a lift in the next month and I am currently looking for new rims to go along with the lift. I was looking at kmc XD series but they are way to expensive. I found these wheels at a jeep website. Will they fit on the titan? If not are there any other black wheels I can get for about the same price? Thanks for any help.
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From the link you provided, I don't think they'll work. Our trucks have 6 lugs. Stock specs are 6 on 5.5" w/ +15mm backspacing if I am remembering correctly. As long as they are 6 lug there is some wiggle room with the backspacing and stuff depending on any suspension mods. I've got the KMC Diesels (love em) and I've got 0mm backspacing with no suspension upgrades and don't have any issues. Hope this helps...
yea it did help. thanks. I guess i'll just go for the kmc rims I was looking at because I cant find any other rims for around the price of the cragars.
Hey Bleedin',
Here's a link you may want to see. Our factory wheels are 6 on 5.5. These should work for you.
thanks for the link niceun. I will probably get those.
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