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cranks over and stays on and watch my rpm drop...shut down

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So I was driving on the freeway. while trying to pass a car, I feel the truck take a dump. I press the gas pedal and nothing happens, RPMS's drop, and the truck comes to a slow stop. I pull over to the shoulder, turn the truck off. I try to restart and it cranks over and stays on but watch the rpms drop and "stutter" the truck shuts down. Tried starting it three additional times and same thing. Got it towed to the house because it's 830 pm on a Saturday, no mechanics available.

Fuse should be good, it cranks over but who knows until I check it.
Scratching my head, bad fuel pump? If it is, this sucks.

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Ran out of gas? Some years had s fuel sender recall.
Ran out of gas? Some years had s fuel sender recall.

fuel level: 3/4 full
Search here for "IPDM". May be related to that. There's a temporary fix possible by switching relays if that's the issue.
Yeah. I would check both the fuel sending unit in the gas tank - this happened to me while traveling down the interstate and the truck acted like this after I rolled to a stop (without power brakes or steering). At the time my fuel gauge said I had nearly half a tank. I was actually bone dry.

Also the IPDM (integrated power distribution module).

Best to take care of the recall items as part of any troubleshooting - assuming they weren't already done (you can check here

Good luck
ok thanks guys will try these out
Update: I tried switching the relays (front fog lamp relay with ecm relay)...didnt work...

I'm hoping it's not the fuel pump and doesn't sound like it because it cranks over but just doesnt stay on.

Could it be the mass o2 sensor?
sounds like fuel pump....itll crank until the battery dies if that fuel pump isn't sending fuel to the motor. 2006 titan? seems to be a trend.
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