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crazy instrument panal

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I have a 2004 nissan titan and today i unhooked the posititive terminal on the battery cleaned the battery terminal and the connector rehooked it up and started the truck and all is fine for about 3 seconds and then the instrument panel starts going crazy like the temp gauges go from normal to zero the slip light comes on the rpms go normal idle to zero and back up to normal along with a few other lights any ideas why
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When you took off the (+) you jostled the line from the alternator. The truck isn't getting consistent voltage. This happened to me in a Honda I used to have. Start the truck, disconnect the (+) terminal, and put a voltmeter on the line coming from the alternator. If the truck dies, your alternator is toast. If you get a constant reading I'm wrong. If it's jumpy you either have corrosion in your line, on the alternator stud, or your alternator is almost toast. Good luck!
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