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Crew cab / King Cab console swap

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Hey everybody- hoping someone can shed a little light on the possibility of putting a crew cab center console (with air vents/ cup holder) into a king cab

Same size? Will the DVD in the King console plug in? I'm sure the vents won't work but I'm hoping it can at least fit

If anyone has put the LCD from the rear overhead console into the front overhead console Id be interested in hearing from you as well.
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I looked into doing some changes to the center console on my KC way back when I bought the truck in '06. I wanted to add the rear vents which the KC didn't come with. I don't remember there being any real differences between the two. IIRC, you could actually order the ducting for the AC and the back piece of the console with the vents. My point is, I don't see why you couldn't swap one for the other. I don't know about the DVD. Can't speak to the overhead question either.
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