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supersport2002 said:
I am really sorry, I am sure this topic has come up thousands of times, but I read the sticky and looked through the suspension section and found no direct comparison for a 2WD titan. I am partial to the CST lift because I used to do their machining on their parts for all of their lifts. Actually I made some of the parts for the prototype Titan lift before the Titan was even available to buy. The only thing with the CST lift that I dont like is that the front sits higher than the back by an inch or two(just not the look for me). So I noticed the pro comp lift sets pretty level. Does anyone know if there is a way to level out the CST lift or is what you get what you get?? Also I do tow with the truck so not sure if the lift will affect me that much.

Sory again for brining this back up, but just figured it would be easier than trying to figure it out on my own. Thanks,

call me an @ss but how does someone who machined suspension parts not know the answer to your own question?

anyways, i recommed calling Greg @ and talking to him about adding a Deaver leafpack to your OEM leafs in conjunction with the included blocks. also i highly recommend, being that you're 2wd, that you opt for the CST spindles (4"s of lift) and then pairing it with a set of coilovers (0"-3"s of lift). better bang for your buck, plus the money you'd a spent on the CST lift kit can now go to buying better dampening. PRG spec'd SAWs paired with CST spindles can yield a wee bit over 8" of lift, if heighth is your objective. but that same set-up at around 5"s of lift is superior for offroadability and i can attest to that. add a 2" deaver pack with a 1" or 2" block can level it out accordingly. and don't forget to add the CST carrier bearing to, when lifting your rear. oh, guess i should add that you'll need PRG or TC upper control arms for the SAWs to work.
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