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The Fox coilovers will NOT work with your spindle lift. Since you already have the spindle, you can just add coilovers (small Radflos for $699, SAW for $899, DRE for $1149). The coilovers alone will lift upto 4" on any pre '08 2wd. You will have more wheel travel, more lift, adjustable ride height, and better performance for alot less money than you would selling your spindles and getting the 8" CST kit. The install is also about 1/5 the time and effort. There is a vendor advertising the Fox c/o with a spinlde, but I think the add is old and it just hasnt been removed because thise parts dont work together, and he knows this. I dont care who you buy through, I just hate when people buy from vendors that dont have a clue what works, or doesnt work. It makes all the aftermarket look bad.
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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