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Cup holder LED done

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Went to radio shack and got a $1.99 red Led. Had some 22 gauge wire in the garage. Drilled a hole in the radio face after pulling it off. To pull it off start at the top and just pull straight out. Work your way down the sides and it will come off easy. With the face off I drilled a hole just big enough for the led to fit through. It has a nut on the back of it. Hooked a pos and a neg wire up to the led and ran it behind the radio over top of the glove box and down to the fuse panel. Put the Pos wire in with the cigarette lighter fuse and ran the neg to one of the screws actually holding the entire fuse panel. I just unscrewed it far enough to make a loop with the wire and put it behind the screw and re tightened. Also to note: Just turn your key to run while doing this to make sure the Led is lit and goes out when you turn the key off. Not bad for 40 minutes of my time and $2:) Haven't seen it at night yet so I'll post some night pics later. By the way they sell Green, Yellow, Red and blue. Couldn't find white. Red may not be bright enough for me but I can change it out in a matter of maybe 10 minutes so I'll play with it. I'm going to do the same thing for the floor boards. Just tie into the fuse panel.


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Also subscribed...thanks!!! Gotta look for some white to match my LEDs.
Also subscribed...thanks!!! Gotta look for some white to match my LEDs.
I'm going to find some white because the red is not very bright. Still gives off some light but not quite enough. I took a pic of the red but you can't see it very good in the pic. If you find some white ones let me know.

Here is the one I bought.....
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