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Curb weight XE 4x4

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I took the XE to a scale and weighed it with 1/2 tank of fuel(fighting weight :gunz: ) Drum roll..... 5080 lbs without me in it. I figure 13 gallons to top off the tank, based on my experience, that is still around 5150 lbs. No wonder this thing feels so good driving around. My other truck scales 6100+ lbs (95 Dodge 2500 4x4 with 5th wheel plate and 10000 lb rated bumper hitch)
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thanks for posting the info. :)
My SE King Cab 4X4 with a full tank of gas and an empty bed weighs 5340#. That's without anyone in the cab.
holy crap my SE weights 200lbs more, gr8 more weight to get stuck. :boxing:
4245 here :)
wow thats alot lighter, very nice for offroading :coolsmile titans a bit more being a real 1/2 ton truck.
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