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Cures for driver side lean????

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i have an 05 crew 4x4 that leans to the left. i've seen others going down the road also leaning. has anyone else been able to cure this without a lift kit?
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How heavy are you? ... this will help to determine what height you need to counter balance your weight...
I have the same problem but it only occurs intermitently. I've narrowed it down to when my wife is riding with me. Can't figure it out. :cowtongue
I had my driver seat replaced under warantee. The bolster wore out from me sliding out of the truck. Also the gas tank is on the driver side that is a lot of weight when full. 140 or so lbs.
Ok for one, add any weight to a vehicle on either side, it will lean to that side.
Notice how this car seems to lean forward......

Notice how this car leans to the driver's side (left)

And how this car leans to the rear.....

Well, maybe that one's a bad example!!! :rofl:
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i like that lean in the first pic and the rear end in the last 1, not talking bout the cars hehe.

have any more cars that lean WINK WINK?


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