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Curious..Have you ever read/left reviews on your Titan?

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I read reviews from owners on places like KBB before I bought mine. I just looked at some a few minutes ago and it was an interesting perspective now that I am an owner. I would past the link but they had so much tracking code in the url that I thought it might not be clean enough to post.

Anyway, my Titan is fun to drive and I enjoy it. At the end of the day, that's what really matters. I am a fan of them. If you own a Titan, I think it says something about you...just like virtually every other vehicle. I like what my Titan says about me:)

BTW: I checked on the trade-in value of my truck just for fun and according to it, it is worth within $300 of what I paid for it! Remarkable IMO.
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I feel the same way I know the guys at the dealership and they have few problems with these, it just gets blown up here and on the net but just ask anyone who owns one not to many would say Junk.

boy is my grammer horrible and the run on sentences geese...
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