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Now I KNOW this is a long shot putting this particular car of mine for sale on this forum, but I figured what the hell.. can't hurt, right? lol. It's for sale locally, and on Craigslist - and I figured it can't hurt to throw it on here too for extra eyes to look at it.

Just like the heading says, this is my custom lowrider PT Cruiser.

It's a 2001 “Limited” Chrysler PT Cruiser. I am the original owner. It's the "limited edition" model. All power, sunroof, leather, traction control, ABS, automatic, dual airbags, security system, power drivers seat, rear spoiler, fog lamps, every option basically. It has roughly 85k miles. Some of the mods are..

- K&N cold air intake
- Giovanna "Double G" 19" chrome rims with Falken low profile 35 series tires
- E&G Billet grill
- Xenon full body kit
- Tinted windows
- Eibach adjustable shocks and struts
- Goldline 3" drop springs
- custom carbon fiber hood
- LED underbody kit
- Custom Billet Shifter
- Custom brushed aluminum dash kit
- Blue neon throughout interior
- REAL custom LED taillights
- complete custom stereo including Kenwood flipout deck, (3) 15" JL subs in a custom fiberglass enclosure molded into the trunk (needs to be finished and painted), (3) 1,000 Kenwood amps, (1) JL Audio 500 watt amp, matrix line driver, matrix crossover, digital autometer amp temp & voltage gauge in pillar. Also, a high output alternator has been installed to handle the load of the large stereo.

- Just way too much to list!!

The car has won many trophies, both for the car itself, and the stereo.

Roughly $10,000 total has been invested into the car. Probably more. It turns heads every time it's driven. Only the best of quality mods and parts were put into this car. Every mod was professionally purchased and installed. It's a one of a kind show vehicle.

The only two things worth mentioning, the front of the car by the grill could use a good compounding. I sprayed it to get rid of some minor rock chips, and the front by the grill is a little duller than the rest of the car. Also, you can't see from the photos.. or even close up in person.. but there is slight "pitting" on the chrome wheels due to being in storage this past winter. It's so minor, that you can't even see it from more than 5 feet away.

The car has always been garaged and maintained, and mechanically it is in brand new condition. There is nothing wrong with this car.

I am looking for a best REASONABLE offer. A similar custom PT Cruiser, same year.. with a bit lower miles, but no where near the customization of mine, and not even a stereo - just sold on eBay for $10,500.. just as a comparison.

I don't NEED to sell it.. but I don't really drive it anymore.. plus I can use the money to pay off some bills, and do some mod's to my Titan.

If there is any interest, send me a PM. Located in upstate NY.. near Albany

Thanks for looking!


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bump.. being spring time is coming.
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