I got this custom sub box made for me back in 2015 and used it with these 2 sundown audio SD-2 10” D2 subwoofers until 2018 when I sold my titan. They have just been sitting in my garage since then because I drove a BMW three series that had no room for the subs. I just bought a Jeep grand Cherokee and plan on putting a new sound system in there so I want to get rid of these but don’t need to so don’t lowball me. The subwoofers and amp still work great I hooked them up recently and they still sound like the day I bought them. The subs have a small scuff on the foam part of the con but it doesn’t affect the performance at all and you have to look really close to even notice it. If you need to find the specs for these subs I’ll post a link here SD-2 SERIES (Discontinued) – Sundown Audio but if the link doesn’t work you can go to sundown‘s website and go to the discontinued section and they should be there.The lettering on the amp is slightly scuffed but obviously that doesn’t affect the performance and I just hit it behind the backseat anyways so you can’t see it. The box is extremely solid and weighs about 50 pounds. It was made to fit in a crew cab I’m not sure about the king cab. I want $250 for the box by itself, $350 for the subs and amp by themselves, $275 for just the subs/no amp, $75 for the amp, and $550 for everything together. You would cover shipping cost but if you are close I’m willing to drive and meet you somewhere. I’m willing to negotiate on price and I’ll take trade offers as well. I’ve been looking for a new gun so if you have a gun you would like to trade or maybe a standup jet ski and I would pay for the difference if it cost more than what my set up is worth. I’m open to just about anything so try me. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!