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Custom System

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This is a custom system, a tech12 box that has 2 kicker 10 L5's facing out, powered by a crunch 1000.1 watt amp, this runs 1 ohm stable and the sub are wired to run this set up. An eclipse 3000 deck, scosche dash kit, scosche wiring kit with cap. This is a very nice and loud system was only in my truck for about 3 weeks. $1100 obo.


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Are you thinking about parting it out? By the way were you in BNCOC around March through May time frame?
Yeah maybe why what do you want? and what is bncoc
NCOREY said:
Yeah maybe why what do you want? and what is bncoc
The head unit, BNCOC is Basic Non Commissioned Officers Course for the army.
how much for just the box and the speakers?
Box and Subs- 650
Deck- 175
Amp- 100
Dash Kit-30
Wire and Cap- 50
Sorry I meant to put 1000 for all
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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