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In general, what I have seen is DOM (Drawn Over Mandrel) Tubing with a 0.120 Wall Thickness through many mfg I've been searching lately for parts. Tubes have to be smooth inside for the Rubber or Urethane Bushings to work well. Length varies greatly, and needs angled inward to go from the Axle Plate to the Frame. Go with Greaseable Bolts on the Rubber Bushings and Heims if you can. Grade 8 is sometimes used, but Grade 5 is also used. Lookup "Warrior" brand at some 4x4 shops for the Bolts already made. Grade 5 is easy to drill if you have a lathe, or even in a vise if needbe. "Never Seize" at a Minimum for all Bolt/Bushing surfaces. Check Energy Suspensions or Prothane for a variety of Bushings. I found it difficult (impossible) to find just a short piece (3") of DOM Tube I wanted in order to rebuild a broken End Link on some Sway Bars, and had to go back to the OEM of the Sway Bar. I'm awaiting word on replacement cost now. Even though it is a weight penalty, I would increase Wall Thickness on the Ends (Bushing "Outer Tube") to increase durability. Use 1/4" Thick Steel for the Welded brackets if you can.

A set made of Stainless Steel Tubing would be really nice! I'd also like to see Traction bars made of 1" x 2 " or 1-1/2"x3" Rectangular Tubing instead of Round. Transitioning nicely to the Weld In Heim Sockets (Nuts) could be a bit troublesome. I just may do this someday, just the Bar Assembly. I'd be satisfied with SMAW with Stainless Steel Rods, it can come out looking pretty nice. I no longer have GTAW available. I recently added Flat Bar to my PRG Bars; mainly for appearance purposes, and am waiting on new bushings to arrive.

Somebody was customizing Sway Bars for their lowered Titan a few years ago, and had difficulty with typical bars. Height or Vertical Angle was the issue. The Direction of Force applied to the Axle was not cut and dry.
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