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Cylinder Head differences?

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I was wondering if anyone knew if there were any differences in the cylinder head castings for the VK56DE from 04-15?

Just wondering if I will run into any problems if I rebuild some 2005 Titan heads to put on my 2011?

Thanks in advance!
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What is the difference in the valve stem lengths?

Also, are our valves truly made out of titanium? I've seen a lot of literature suggesting this, if so, are there any aftermarket over sized valves made out of titanium that are off shelf?

I only notice Supertech and Brian Crower making off shelf over sized valves, but they are made out of different grades of stainless steel. This would almost double the mass of the valves it seems like... Seems an odd 'upgrade' to the valve train.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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