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damn squeak!!!

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for the past month I have this squeak/rattle somewhere in the front thats driving me crazy. So for the past couple of days I tore though my truck to find it, but I failed. Yesturday I got lucky and found it, it was my hood and latch that was squeaking, so I adjusted and lubed the hood and now it GONE!!!!:hat: My truck has now 90,500 miles on it and squeak/ratlle free.
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My wife's Pathy had the same problem but it sounded like it was coming from the dash, ended up being one of the rubber hood bumpers squeeking, a little WD-40 solved it, but it drove us crazy for a few weeks till I narrowed it down.
I had the same squeak and it took me months to finally figure out it was the hood. I was sure it was the belly pan thing that hides the oil filter but I was wrong.
I was under my truck checking everything and found nothing. The truck is solid, and after driving around I first thought it was the, the right wheel, even the I was at my ends until I put my hands on the hood and herd the squeak noise. I adjusted the the hood and lubed the latch
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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