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Dampened Tailgate and Window Molding Questions

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I just bought a used, 2005, Titan LE. It's got 162,000 miles. I found it on a backstreet lot. Turns out, I know its owner who had traded it in a week before I bought it. It's in good shape.

I'm learning it and have a few questions:

1. The manual says it has a dampened tailgate. I take that to mean it goes down, slowly, against some resistance. Mine does not. It has cables on each side and flops down. Where is the dampening mechanism supposed to be?

2. The previous owner included two moldings to go on the outside bottom of the driver and passenger windows. He said they are easy to install. Anyone know how? I've looked on YouTube but cannot find a demonstration.

I deeply appreciate the help offered here and hope, some day, to be knowledgeable enough to contribute.


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Your hydraulic is bad. You can access everything from under the truck. It's not hard. The hydraulic is located behind your right tail light. Take your time and be patient and you should finish this job in about twenty minutes.
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