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Dana Axles in Titan

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FYI, recently came across this little tidbit of information about the drivetrain in the Titan:

"Axle production is expected to begin in mid 2003. The lightweight, aluminum, independent front axle assemblies and cast-iron, beam rear axle assemblies will incorporate several Dana-first innovations, including: Optional rear electrical locking differential for improved traction; Improved pinion sealing technology to prevent contamination; Advanced gear manufacturing for improved strength; life expectancy and noise; vibration, and harshness (NVH); Industry-first, one-piece die cast carrier for increased axle strength; and Advanced oil flow design, which improves towing capabilities and vehicle maneuverability.

Dana will also produce steel and aluminum propshafts for both 4x4 and 4x2 models. All assemblies include maintenance-free universal joints."

Some folks have commented that the ring gear in the Titan is too small (compared to Ford and Chevy) and will result in premature wear under heavy duty use, such as towing. Hopefully, Dana's "advanced gear manufacturing for improved strength" will prove the critics wrong.
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