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Dash Speaker Replacements

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Howdy boys,

Thinking of finally replacing the factory dash speakers (little 2" ones), for anyone that has replaced them, have you any recommendations for good replacements?

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I put alpine tweeters in place of mine in my 06. I had to make adapter from a little sheet metal and factory clips. Came out great they were WAY better than factory. Cheap too as I remember I don't think they were expensive, but as with anything you skies the limit on price.
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If the price is right on Amazon I wouldn't worry too much about warranty. I have always found alpine to be pretty reliable. Every pair of their speakers I have had out lasted the vehicle. I don't know if you will need the crossover. Mine did not come with one, but I think there is a factory one. There may have been one built into my tweeters though.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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