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I think even with a loaded LE, everybody has at least two switch blanks on the dash, right?

One guy posted here that the stealer raped him for $80 for two switches to fit these blanks. This is outrageous, considering that you can buy very nice illuminated toggle switches at retail for $3 to $5 (and less).

Has anyone bought the Nissan switches from the dealer? How much did they charge you? Anybody know about any matching after market switches?

I was thinking about buying one and sending it to a guy I know that has factories in China to see how much they would charge me for a pallette of these switches.

At even $10 per switch, you would probably be making at least $8 profit after packaging, shipping, customs.

Or is somebody already doing that? Do they use the same switches on the Frontiers? Armadas? Muranos?
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