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Daytona Meet...Got me an 08

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Well while I was at the Daytona meet yesterday I started browsing the 08s on the lot. By the end of the night I traded in my 05 CC XE for an 08 LE CC. The rebates on these things are ridiculous, got mine for 29k.
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What did you get for your trade?:rolleyes:
What I owed on it. I took my in dash dvd out, intake off, foglights off, and billet grilles. Left the banks on it and wheels/tires.
We really should have gotten the milk crates out like was suggested. Would have left the nazi sales manager trying to figure out how to get your truck lined up with all the others.:jester:
Congrats man and we should have got the milk crates out
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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