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We are in the process of trading our 2011 SV for a 2014 Pro-4x.

We test drove it the same day it was traded-in at the dealer and were told its needs shocks and struts. You could tell that was true when we drove it.

Next test drive and few days later, they were repaired and it felt great (44,000).

We have a daughter who works there and learned they only replaced one strut and both shocks. I have anonymously called two other dealers who say this is not unheard of to only replace one strut according to the specific situation.

Have you ever heard of this? Should I press this issue?



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Sounds cheap but that's the dealership for you, get you back out there with minimal cost to Nissan. They probably just did a visual and replaced the one that was leaking unless the previous shocks/struts were replaced at different times and still had life in them?
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