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Dealer F**Ked Me... Brakes PICS*

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I replaced my rotors and pads today with slotted drilled rotors and new pads.... Here's what I found. The dealer did my "final" fix about 15,000 miles ago and said the pads, rotors were both new. The inside of the rotors is grooved badly and the pads all look like they have more than half life left in them. I think they didnt replace my rotors. I bet they just threw new pads on just to make me feel like they were good again. I took a few pics and they have service history so they will plainly see whats happened here. The rotor grooves are deep and the pad is worn. Its the outside pads in the pics, it was both the backs of the rotors. Also why is most of the contact patch in the back badly rusted?


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So what are the new ones and how do you like them? I got screwed the same way and need replacements.
I would contact the dealership and if they do not resolve the situation, ask to meet with the manager and he/she can explain the situation to Nissan Corporate...
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