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Dealer offering.. for new pro4x

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Dealer said my truck is worth 18,000 CAD. towards a 2017 pro4x. seems to be not bad as it was 30k new.
2012 sv 4x4 swb. 115,000km
dealer also said he will give me 2400 for all my mods which i found not to bad.
so 20,000 for my truck seem decent?
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I just paid 22,900 USD (is that 30,000CAD?) for the same exact truck, before taxes and fees...from a dealer, bone stock, with 65,000 miles (110,000 km?) on it and that just was slightly below the average for what I was shopping for in NY state. (good..not great.. deal)

Obviously you aren't gonna trade in for what you would pay... dealer has to make some money... but 20k CAD=15,275 USD right now right... What is your truck selling for up there?

My first thought.. where were you 3 months ago???

My second first thought... Do you really want one of those new ones? (Yours is far better looking... sorry gen 2 owners, no offense...)

Second thought... With all those toys, they should give you a bit more...even without them I'd want more... like 25,000 CAD

Are they charging you invoice for the new one, or MSRP? .. if they are gonna sell you the truck real cheap.. the trade will be low.. but if they are nailing you for sticker... you gotta tighten that up a bit.
Yeah, the second someone sees "accident" or any rust the value goes down dramatically... sounds like you aren't doing too bad then...

In the end, the only one that needs to be happy with the deal is you. As long as you perceive good value, you will be happy.

Just keep in mind the new ones aren't as pretty ;)
Are you gonna do another hood? The RK for the new ones looks pretty sweet...

(Might have to sell a kidney or somethin'....but it'll look *****in')
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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